Become a Member

1. Become a Costumer (User)

When you become a member or purchase a product from us, you fill out a form with your address, phone number and e-mail to complete the transaction. We keep this information securely if we need to communicate with you, and to expedite future transactions.

Follow the instructions and procedures for downloading music, and choose the license that suits your needs. We guarantee the quality and authenticity of music listed on our site as our effort to realize a trusted site that has a distinctive musical characteristic.


2. Become a Vendor (Music Maker)

If you have a piece of music and would like to sell it on our platform, you must first register yourself as a vendor and fill in the personal data necessary to facilitate the registration of your account. When you are finished registering and clicking "I Agree", that means you are willing to follow all the rules we have made. Then you can upload your music work by following the procedures we have prepared.


1. The music format that becomes the requirement for upload is MP3 44.100Khz 320bit (Preview File with Watermark included), then WAV 44.100Khz 16Bit (Main file without watermark), and Avatar with image size 165 X 165 Pixel.2. Agnasound Watermark can be downloaded on the site.3.  Any music you upload will be reviewed before we finally decide an approval.  It usually takes  5 days to be reviewed by our team.4. When you upload a piece of music on our platform, it means you have sworn and testified that the music work is your own original work. You may upload with an account on your behalf, or someone else authorized by you to register on our platform.5. You will receive 50% of every sale of your music and immediately accumulated on your account, and paid to you via your paypal account on 15th of every month with a minimum balance of USD $50.6. We have absolute control over the price of the market item  on all categories where we set the price.



  1. If there is any party claiming that the music you created is the result of piracy or is a duplicate work, and once we verify it is true, then you are welcome to face the demands of the claimant and release us from any charges. Your account will be permanently closed.
  2. If you commit any frauds that may cause harm to your actions, either to us or to other vendors, we will terminate your account temporarily until we may decide whether you may be considered to continue your activities on our platform or will be permanently closed.



Please notify, our site is not recommended for kids under the age of 18.

Our website is not intended for use by persons under 18, except with explicit permission and under the supervision of parent or guardian who accepts full legal liability for such minor use. No person under 18 should disclose information on our site. We do not knowingly collect or use personally identifiable information from children under the age of 18. If a child under 18 gives us personally identifiable information without parental or guardian's consent, the parent or guardian should contact us at to remove information and opt-out of promotional offers.