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Take-Me | Food Travel | Music-World Beat
Volk | Beautiful Ambient Corporate Background | Music-Ambient
Dinhvu1911 | Demons | Music-Electronic
Soundmaker | Dubstep | Music-Dubstep
Lancah | Happy Corporate | Music-Motivational
Spectre | Halloween | Music-Suspense, Dark
Volk | Happy Funny | Music-Children\'s
Lumina | Inspiration | Music-Motivational
SkyFall | Super Hero is Born | Music-Dramatic, Action, Adventure
SaharaSky | Suspense | Music-Suspense, Dark
Barcode | Real Estate | Music-Motivational
Angel | In the Garden | Music-Children\'s

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Take-Me | Food Travel | Music-Children\'s
Volk | Beautiful Ambient Corporate Background | Music-Children\'s
Dinhvu1911 | Demons | Music-Children\'s
Volk | Morning Hopeful Ambient | Music-Children\'s
Volk | Light Ambient Corporate | Music-Children\'s
User-Only | Inspire Corporate Background | Music-Children\'s
User-Only | Inspirational Music Background | Music-Children\'s
TakeOutBeat | Corporate Motivating | Music-Children\'s

Why AgnaSound?

On this website, we specifically sell audio for many purposes. There are no other products that we sell besides audio, so that the authors and the buyers do not concentrate on other products.

For authors

Prepare your original works and submit to agnasound. Let's us review and then sell yours on this website. Author will get monthly payments as many as the number of works sold (we cut a small fee from you). Uploading audio here is easy for anyone.

For buyers

Choose the music that suits your needs. Do you need backsound to make radio ads? Buy the song, here! Authors, you, and we altogether get money. Do you need backsound music for your company profile? Choose audio from agnasound that can represent your company image.

We All Need It!

Even cooking lessons use music that makes many people crazy watching it. You like to watch that too, right? Undoubtedly, the right music for a short video will make it even more interesting. Our authors here are experienced in making such music.

Earnings from Social Media

Do you like watching motivational videos from motivators or inspiring experiences from famous people? They spread the video on social media to become viral and people love that. Believe it, all such videos become great because of the right selection of music.

Simple dan Easy

We understand that the authors have to work hard to create their music, therefore we provide a simple and easy website for you to use. Just a few clicks, your music will be in our database.

Music for Film Maker

Box office films didn't hire famous music arranger in particular. Much of them bought from our authors here. In fact, our authors are indeed skilled at making various score music. For example, music like this.

The amazing Team at AgnaSound

We are website developer which are more focused on helping people to present their skills to be known globally. AgnaSound is part of our mission to develop the potential of authors to sell their works of music quickly and easily.